What is the Training Plan? How does it work?

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Your training plan consists of daily goals that gradually increase in duration. Each GO user is given a custom training plan based on their personal profile.

Daily goals can only be achieved while in Training mode.  



Make sure to stick with the training plan and not to over train. If you wish to train longer than your daily goal, we recommend training not more than double your daily goal, especially in the first 5 days. Over training may cause sore muscles.


Your daily goals will be divided into training sessions and as you get stronger and improve your posture, we will add additional training sessions to each daily goal.

When you complete each training session you will get a notification. We recommend taking a short break between sessions.

Clinical studies show that repetition plays a significant role in habit formation.  Dividing your training into sessions and daily goals creates this repetition for maximum results.


Wanna know what you need to do once you complete your training plan? Go to WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU COMPLETE YOUR TRAINING PLAN.

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