The UPRIGHT GO is a strapless device that is applied to the upper back with a medical grade silicone adhesive.

The double-sided soft stickers are durable and reusable and the device comes with 9 reusable stickers.


With proper cleaning and maintenance, you will be able to reuse your adhesive.

When needed, you may clean the adhesives with the alcohol pads included in the adhesive package, any standard alcohol pad or with a few drops of soapy water.

After cleaning, make sure to let the adhesive dry before attaching it to your skin.  


  • Remove the old adhesive from the UPRIGHT GO in its entirety.

  • Take a new adhesive, peel off the white paper side and stick it to the device.

  • Once you're ready to use the device, peel off the green cover ”This side on Your Back” side and attach to your middle upper back.

When you are not using your GO,  we recommend sticking it back into the travel case with the sticky side down. 

If you have any issues with your adhesives and want more information, go to our troubleshooting page.

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