Productive and comfortable training sessions whether you are sitting or on the go!

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The Trainers allow you to modify your vibration feedback and tracking results to better suit the activity in which you are partaking. You can switch between the Trainers throughout the day so that your UPRIGHT GO gives you the most accurate feedback.
We want your training sessions to be as productive as possible, whether you are sitting or on the go.

There are three preset Trainers to choose from:


This Trainer is best used when you sit or stand for an extended period of time. With this Trainer, you'll get an immediate vibration when you slouch.

Select this Trainer if you’re going to be moderately active. This Trainer’s vibration response will be a bit more lenient when you slouch.

The Active Trainer should be used when you’re on the go. This Trainer will ignore slight movements and will respond when you slouch extensively.



Tapping the Advanced button will allow you to adjust the following parameters of each Trainer to better fit your needs:

Delay Time

– 6 sec +

Adding seconds will delay the vibration giving you more time to get upright. You can choose between 0-30 seconds.

Motion Range

– 5 +

Pick a number from 1-6 to shorten or widen your slouch range. The higher the number, the wider the range.

Don’t worry!  You can simply go back to the default Delay Time and Motion Range values of each Trainer by tapping RESET.

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