I can't connect, the app says "Disconnected"

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The UPRIGHT GO does not connect with a pin code through the phone's Bluetooth settings, rather it connects through the app.

To begin, please turn your Bluetooth and your UPRIGHT GO on.

Make sure that location permission and location services are on:

Then, open the UPRIGHT GO app and follow the steps there. 

Once connected, your UPRIGHT GO light will blink green.

If this doesn't work for you, please try the following steps:

  1. Turn Bluetooth off and on again.

  2. If that doesn't help - exit the app, pair the UPRIGHT GO from the Bluetooth app on your phone, and then unpair it.

3. If that does not help, restart your phone.

Please note, make sure your phone isn't in power saving mode or airplane mode since it may have an affect on Bluetooth communications.

Still no luck? 

Please contact us via the in-app chat and we will assist you further! 

* Remember, you can always use the UPRIGHT GO without using the app. To learn how to do so, please go to this link

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