Learn how to set the GO to your target upright posture

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Setting your posture will determine how the GO will measure your posture.

It is important to set your posture every time you place the GO on your back, or whenever you feel it isn’t set properly. If you plan on using the GO mostly while sitting, it is recommended to set your posture while sitting. The same is true for standing.

You can repeat this step whenever you feel that your slouch position is not properly identified or if the GO vibrates too much.

Follow these instructions to learn how to find your upright position while setting the GO to your posture.


The first step is to find your natural upright position.

A common mistake is to exaggerate (overextended) your straight posture. Always remember that your upright posture should feel comfortable and natural.

Pull your belly button towards your back to feel the support from your core. Breath deeply and stay relaxed.

Roll your shoulders back and drop them straight down.

Lengthen your neck and slightly tuck your chin in.

Finally, imagine there is a string pulling you up from your head.

As long as you’re upright, you may choose to lean against your chair or not. However, your core muscles are more engaged while not leaning back.


To maintain a good posture while standing up or walking about, keep these tips in mind:

Stand tall, take a deep breath, and relax your shoulders back. Keep your head in line with your body, pull in your abdomen and don’t lock your knees.

Roll your shoulders back and drop them straight down.

Be sure to not stare down at your phone - if you need to use your phone, lift it up, rather than stare down.


Set your posture either from the app or from the device itself, as follows:

Get into a comfortable upright position and make sure not to overextend your back.

Double click the power button, or tap the SET POSTURE button on the app’s main screen.

You will immediately feel 2 short vibrations, then stay upright for another second.


Go to “HOW TO FIND YOUR UPRIGHT POSTURE” for more tips on how to perfect your upright posture.

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