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When maintained correctly, the UPRIGHT GO adhesives (made of medical grade silicone) can be reused.

We have a few tricks that will help you maintain your adhesives so that you get the most out of them.

Here are a few scenarios that may arise with your adhesives and the solutions that will help you avoid these issues in the future.

Q. I just changed my adhesive, why is it not sticking well to my UPRIGHT GO?

First and foremost, make sure that you not only remove the gel from the previous adhesive, but the plastic tab that it comes stuck on as well.  More often than not, people remove the gel but forget to remove the plastic tab. For more information on how to fully remove the adhesive, watch this video tutorial.

Be sure that when you stick the new adhesive on the device, that the skin side stays up and IS NOT stuck to the device itself.  The skin side goes onto your skin.

Q. What happens if my adhesive doesn't stick well to my back?


Start by cleaning your adhesive with the alcohol pad included in your adhesive package.  We also recommend cleaning your back so that all dirt and naturals oils are removed.


After cleaning, make sure your back and adhesive are dry before attaching the device to your skin.


It is best to place your UPRIGHT GO into the travel case with the adhesive side facing down when you complete your sessions in order to keep your adhesive clean.

If you still find that the device doesn't stick well to your back, try and move it over (not more than an inch) so that it won't sit directly on your spine.  Just about anywhere on your upper back is okay, as long as it is comfortable to reach.

Q. Why does my adhesive stop working after I sweat?

We don't recommend using your UPRIGHT GO if you are going to workout or if you work in a physical job. Sweating may cause your device to fall off.  Therefore, we do recommend carrying out your posture training sessions while you are seated or in an air conditioned environment.


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to learn all you need to know about the UPRIGHT GO Adhesives.

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