What do I do if my device does not vibrate?

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Please follow the following steps if your device does not vibrate or has stopped vibrating without any reason:

  1. Make sure you are in Training mode.  The UPRIGHT GO vibrates in Training mode ONLY.

  2. Check if the device vibrates when you turn it ON and OFF.

  3. Go to the advanced button in the Trainer page and make sure you don't have a big *Delay Time in your vibration that you were not aware of (See image below to see Trainer settings button).

  4. Make sure that your UPRIGHT GO is connected to the app. The device should turn from a blinking blue to a blinking green when a connection is first initiated. 

  5. Try to RE-SET POSTURE by using your UPRIGHT GO.  All you have to do is double click on the power button or through the SET POSTURE button on the main screen of your app. Make sure you set your posture while being upright. 

If the above steps do not help, please contact our Customer Support staff immediately by sending us and email to [email protected] or by chatting with us via our website chat or app chat.

*Delay Time - Adding seconds will delay the vibration giving you more time to get upright. You can choose between 0-30 seconds. See image below.

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