How the GO works to improve your posture

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Your UPRIGHT GO relies on something called biofeedback to help you gain greater awareness of your body’s functions and how you can control them. In biofeedback, you are connected to electrical sensors, which give you information about what’s happening in your body so that you can make changes.


Biofeedback devices can be used to measure bodily functions such as brainwaves and brain activity, breathing, heart rate, muscle activity and tension, sweating, and more. A core part of biofeedback involves gathering information about your body and making you aware of certain patterns or responses so that you can work on addressing them.


Your UPRIGHT GO is an example of a biofeedback device. Equipped with a highly sensitive sensor that measures your position 64 times per second to detect subtle changes in your posture, it attaches to your upper back, where it learns your movement and posture and then uses gentle vibration—feedback—to make you aware of your slouching and nudge you into straightening back up.


At first, your UPRIGHT GO uses biofeedback to teach you to identify the difference between your personal upright position and slouching. Then, it uses training sessions to help you build greater awareness and muscle memory. The training sessions gradually increase in length to help you build strength and consistency and gain recognition of your habits. Ultimately, your UPRIGHT GO trains you to notice when you are slouching and straighten up on your own for greater confidence, focus, productivity, and comfort.

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