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Why doesn’t my GO vibrate right away when I slouch?
Why doesn’t my GO vibrate right away when I slouch?

Your GO’s vibration Delay function

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Your UPRIGHT GO 2 uses vibration to let you know that you’ve been slouching and that it’s time to straighten up. However, as you move around and get accustomed to your GO, you might notice that it doesn’t always vibrate immediately, and you may wonder why that is. 

Your GO is equipped with a feature called Delay. With Delay activated, there is a short pause between when you slouch and when your GO nudges you to sit or stand up straight. The purpose of this feature is to give you time to notice and identify that you’ve been slouching and self-correct. This awareness and control is an important part of biofeedback, which forms the foundation of the GO. This is where your real learning happens. 

The Delay feature also prevents your GO from vibrating and disturbing you every time you change or adjust your position. After all, getting up and moving around is good for you!  

The Delay time is adjustable, and you can set it to best suit your preferences, whether you want more immediate feedback or want to challenge yourself to adjust your position on your own. 

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