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Most of us aren’t ballerinas, models, or TV personalities, so what’s the big deal if we slouch? Why does good posture matter? 

Good posture is about more than just sitting up straight; it’s about moving and carrying yourself in a way that’s smooth and comfortable for your body without causing irritation or requiring extra effort. Good posture relies on your spine being aligned and balanced, with your weight centered evenly over your feet. When your body parts are balanced and properly stacked, your bones, muscles, and ligaments can move smoothly and efficiently, without putting strain on your joints and therefore causing soreness and discomfort. 

Good posture engages and works your core abdominal muscles, building up your strength and supporting your lower back. Plus, by sitting or standing up straight, you make more room for your lungs to expand and contract for easier breathing. 

And good posture isn’t just about appearance and bodily health; it also contributes to overall wellbeing. When you walk with your spine straight and your shoulders back yet relaxed, you frequently look and feel more confident and poised. This has been shown to be linked with less stress, a more positive outlook, more energy, and more productivity at work and outside of the office. 

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